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Features on the unlimited uses of rubber bands.
Plastic Bags as Paint Preservers Featured Image
Plastic Bags as Paint Preservers
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  • Category: Home Use
We are all about organization and helping make people’s lives easier by sharing crafty uses of rubber bands. We recently came across an article about creative uses for plastic grocery bags. We learned how a plastic bag and a rubber band can be used as a paintbrush and roller preserver.  All you need to do is place the brush or...Read More

Ad Bands Used In Nigeria to Help #careforourgirls Campaign Featured Image
Ad Bands Used In Nigeria to Help #careforourgirls Campaign
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  • Category: Alliance Rubber
You are likely aware that on April 15 273 girls were abducted from the Nigerian Chibok Government Girls School by the Boko Haram militants. The story has been prevalent in the news and millions have rallied on behalf of these girls. Multiple campaigns have been launched – all with the same goal in mind – to free the girls.  Photo...Read More

How to Train Your Tree Featured Image
How to Train Your Tree
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  • Category: Home Use
You may have seen trailers for DreamWorks Animation’s latest creation “How to Train Your Dragon 2” during the past couple months. While the title sounds very cute and instructive, these are mythical creatures, making it impossible to train one. However, in the world of botany, it is possible to train a tree. You may have heard...Read More